Business & IT Service Sourcing

Maximising the opportunities of digitalisation and actively shaping the transformation process.

Previously the focus of Business & IT Service Sourcing only lay on costs and efficiency. This has changed as today this is about much more: Increasing the flexibility of the organisation, access to key technologies and competencies, accelerating innovation capabilities and creating competition advantages by expanding the company’s own value change through external service providers. Are you making the most of the potential that cloud computing, software as a service and big data has to offer? Have you simplified your processes through software-linked best practices and data-based business models?

Our range of services draws on our digital DNA and combines sourcing experience with expertise in architecture and technology as well as many years of experience in the organisational development of IT areas.

kobaltblau’s services for Business & IT Service Sourcing include:

  • making your IT and Service Management Organisation more professional, from gaining cost advantages to defining the most suitable make-or-buy strategy
  • measuring the competitive position of how the services are provided, externally and internally
  • implementing flexibility and agility of the IT and Service Organisation
  • supporting you with IT carve-outs and post-merger integrations
  • setting up a Greenfield IT Organisation and service landscape

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