IT Organisation & HR

Combining organisation and humans is the decisive factor for success.

IT organisations face enormous transformation pressure. Digitalisation, big data, agile development of new and innovative products, sourcing & cloud management, demand/supply cut as well as the human factor are only some of the big challenges currently faced by IT decision makers and at the same time, they are the biggest drivers for change.

However, what is the impact of these topics on the IT organisation? How do structures and processes have to be adapted? How can two development speeds work in parallel? How do you successfully integrate the topic of innovation? What new roles and skills are required in the future?

We are here to help you analyse the impacts of IT trends on your IT organisation. Together with you we will develop the best possible target organisation and will safely guide you through the transformation process: from the blueprint right through to the transition. Successful IT organisations are characterised not only by their ability to adapt but particularly also by the fact that they work. We ensure the maximum amount of cooperation between strategy, structure, governance, processes and employees for your IT organisation.

Our consulting services include:

  • the design, optimisation and transformation of IT organisations
  • the conceptualisation and implementation of IT governance models
  • the introduction of IT role models and IT skill management
  • the optimisation of IT processes (demand management as well as the management of IT project portfolios, IT providers, IT innovations, release management, agile software development, and many more)
  • planning strategic IT personnel requirements
  • implementing IT management audits


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