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IT Sustainability

IT as a catalyst for sustainable business

The climate crisis is a stark reality, urging humanity to reconsider and take action as we continue to overexploit the earth’s natural resources at an alarming rate.¬†Simultaneously, technology and IT have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. New use cases emerge at increasingly rapid intervals, while our inclination toward innovation continues to grow. Digitalization has now emerged as a key driver for sustainability. “IT sustainability by design” is poised to become a guiding principle in economic endeavors, permeating the market. However, the ecological and social impacts of underlying technologies are garnering greater scrutiny.¬†Many companies and IT decision-makers seek greater transparency and assistance in operationalizing IT sustainability. Having a roadmap and knowing where to begin are crucial for navigating the complex landscape of ESG considerations.

Together, we explore the potential for IT optimization, leveraging synergies and connections to other business areas and the company’s internal sustainability strategy. What positive impact can your IT initiatives have, both internally and externally?

Our IT sustainability team is here to accompany you on the journey towards a sustainable future. We provide support in optimizing your IT footprint and facilitate the transition to a sustainable IT business model.

kobaltblau is your partner for the successful implementation of IT Sustainability.

Our IT sustainability awareness workshop serves as the cornerstone for subsequent formats, providing the essential knowledge and awareness needed to initiate action. We offer IT sustainability coaching tailored to the specific learning objectives of various target groups, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in IT. Our coaching sessions highlight the necessary tools, skills, and mandates required to drive initiatives forward effectively.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your IT sustainability profile using our IT Sustainability Health Check. This assessment evaluates the current status of your IT ESG balance sheet and identifies your vision for a sustainable future. We determine what aspects are essential and what are considered “nice to have” in order to distinguish your company in a highly competitive market. Our goal is to bridge the gap between your current situation and your desired future state. Through an interactive strategy process, we collaborate with you to develop a customized IT sustainability strategy with achievable goals.

To bring the IT sustainability strategy to fruition, we develop tailor-made recommendations for action to implement strategic goals. These recommendations are derived, prioritized, and scheduled in collaboration with a dedicated team of sustainability experts from kobaltblau and specifically identified contact persons from your company. Together, we create a robust and resilient roadmap using proven methods, which is then operationalized in iterative cycles based on agile principles. If needed, kobaltblau provides support during the implementation phase, assisting the IT organization in achieving clear and visible results. We work closely with our digitalization experts to ensure seamless integration and alignment with broader organizational objectives.

Only by working together can we make sustainability the core principle of our actions. The transformation to a sustainable IT organization requires a shift in mindset and a positive outlook toward establishing and maintaining new behaviors. This is why the identification and utilization of the appropriate communication tools, timed accurately and executed transparently, are absolutely crucial. We offer process models and innovative change formats to support this endeavor, fostering a collective mindset and facilitating the awareness and practical implementation of IT sustainability projects.

Together we shape the future of IT.