Operational Excellence

M&A and Separation

We advise companies and investors on mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. We ensure that the planned objectives are achieved throughout the entire transaction within and through IT. Optimizing the Target Operating Model (TOM), IT organization, IT infrastructure, applications, licenses, and contracts are the focus areas.

Our Service Components

“Getting deals done” – kobaltblau is the color for your transaction. From IT & tech due diligence, standalone and Future Mode of Operation (FOM) concepts to integration, separation & merger, and post-merger integration or post-standalone transformation – our experience speaks for itself.

Our transformation management in the carve-Out & separation domain focuses on business continuity and day-1 readiness. This emphasis ensures a smooth transition where IT environments are effectively separated, guaranteeing that systems, processes, and applications continue to function seamlessly post-divestiture. We provide comprehensive support throughout the transformation phase, encompassing all aspects of IT transformation. This includes assisting in the definition of Target Operating Models for the IMO and FMO (Intermediate and Future Mode of Operation), ensuring that the set objectives are effectively achieved.

Our service offering in the area of Post-Merger Integration (PMI) focuses on providing a structured and efficient process for mergers and acquisitions. We offer clear and predefined steps to ensure smooth integration of the involved companies, minimizing potential delays and promoting consistent implementation by having all teams and departments work to unified standards and best practices. Our service portfolio spans the entire project lifecycle from planning to completion of integration.

Our M&A runbooks can significantly enhance efficiency by providing clear and predefined steps for the integration or separation process. This facilitates structured execution and prevents delays. Runbooks created with us promote consistency by ensuring that all relevant teams and departments adhere to the same standards and best practices during integration/separation. They help realize synergies faster, enabling the merged or separated companies to generate value more rapidly from the M&A transaction.

Our IT & tech due diligence offers in-depth analysis of both a company’s traditional IT (IT DD) and its technology-based products (Tech DD). Using a hypothesis-based approach, we provide a well-founded and informed basis for decision-makers and investors to understand potential opportunities and risks. Our technology-savvy team can delve down to the source code level for Tech DD to ensure comprehensive evaluation and provide you with the best insights.

In our M&A and Separation projects, we specifically leverage expertise from the broad service spectrum of our operational excellence team.

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