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IT Cost & Value Management

We develop comprehensive solutions for managing IT organizations, addressing various aspects such as benchmarking, KPIs & management dashboards, cloud FinOps, and value tracking, along with the entire spectrum of IT financial management.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, IT managers face increasing challenges in maintaining visibility over their organization, services, costs, decisions, and their impacts. Achieving transparency to identify current areas of focus or risks has become increasingly complex. While agilization initiatives aim to alleviate the administrative burden on IT staff, regulatory requirements often demand more detailed information and documentation for accounting, planning, and transfer pricing. Additionally, businesses seek reliable assessments of the value contribution of individual IT services.

At Kobaltblau, we possess a deep understanding of both the IT and finance realms. We develop tailored and practical solutions that consider all perspectives and garner support across all stakeholders.

We adopt a holistic consulting approach, covering a wide breadth and depth of services, providing support from target design to successful implementation.

The focus of IT Performance Management:

  • Implementation of IT benchmarking and transparency analyses
  • Introduction of holistic, integrated IT KPI systems
  • Introduction to value management including the use of business cases and benefit tracking.
  • IT cost reduction and cloud cost optimization (FinOps)
  • IT cost analyses and simulations.

In addition, we provide advice on the conception of IT Cost & Value Management, addressing topics such as the effects of product-oriented IT

  • Organizations on financial management
  • Establishment and further development of the IT controlling organization (incl. integration with other IT management areas)

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