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New Employee Stocks at kobaltblau

At kobaltblau, anyone can become a partner! The employee Stock Program got implemented for all employees.

Success: stocks for all employees

Being employed and simultaneously being a business owner? At kobaltblau Management Consultants, this is now possible. After the probationary period, everyone in the kobaltblau team has the opportunity to become a shareholder in the company – regardless of level or function. Following the first investment round in 2022, already 40 percent of the consulting company is owned by employees. And it doesn’t stop there; there are plans for even more, for good reasons.

Educational opportunities, train tickets, fitness and meal subsidies: Attractive benefits for employees have long been part of today’s working world. However, kobaltblau Management Consultants goes much further: Through the new participation model, up to 100 percent of the GmbH will belong to the employees in the future. The current owners, Klaus Eberhardt and Mark Goerke, are prepared to eventually transfer full ownership of the company to the employees.

“We have decided to enable all employees at kobaltblau to become entrepreneurs within the company after the probationary period. This way, they can directly participate in the success and growth,” says Klaus Eberhardt, shareholder at kobaltblau. “We are convinced that in addition to experienced consultants, junior consultants and colleagues from the business service team with their knowledge, sense of responsibility, and passionate dedication will make our business even better and more future-proof,” adds shareholder Mark Goerke.

The stock model lays the foundation for an independent and intergenerational ownership structure

Kobaltblau’s model consists of capital participation: The number of units and thus the extent of participation are linked to the career level of the employees. Through growth, new units are created, so that newcomers also have the attractive opportunity to participate.

In the proven participation system that kobaltblau is oriented towards, the invested capital is secured and the sale is regulated. “At kobaltblau, we think less in terms of hierarchical levels. Through participation, everyone has a fair chance to benefit from the company’s success and thus an attractive return – and all with low entry barriers,” comment the managing directors Thomas Heinevetter, Klaus Mahle, and Martin Tydecks of kobaltblau. “With this approach, we not only want to strengthen the company culture and the commitment of our employees but also preserve our independence as a non-saleable consultancy. We aim to attract the best consultants and business service employees in the market and actively shape the transformation at our clients. Therefore, it is only consistent for us to anchor our entrepreneurial claim in the ownership structure.”

Not only team members should benefit from this, but also kobaltblau’s customers. The development of entrepreneurs within the company contributes to lower turnover, thus ensuring continuity in project assignments and strengthening the entrepreneurial understanding of the employees.

About kobaltblau

kobaltblau Management Consultants is the management consultancy with technology expertise and a commitment to implementation for the shared challenges of business and IT. Our focal areas are: Digitalization, Organization & People, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Our strength lies in accompanying change projects with a view for the whole and the best possible value contribution of IT for the business. This is based on our experienced and implementation-strong employees who make proven models successful with a high customer orientation. Our contacts are decision-makers and top management.

Together with our clients, we develop solutions at eye level for their individual challenges and goals. For this, we are the ideal mix of established consultancy and start-up: kobaltblau – different by conviction.

For success, we follow our very own path and go the extra mile: Demanding. Trustworthy. Passionate. Fresh.

Founded in 2016, kobaltblau is still a young company, in which the deliberately assembled team bundles experience from hundreds of consulting years.

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