IT Organisation 2025 – Product & Data Driven

We have continued our successful study series IT Organization 202x in cooperation with VOICE e.V

The future model for the ideal symbiosis of business and IT

“With ‘IT Organization 2025 – Product & Data Driven!’ we continue our successful study series IT Organization 202x in cooperation with VOICE e.V., focusing on the convergence of business and IT, driven by product and data orientation. The participation of top IT decision-makers from over 100 companies of various sizes and industries, combined with high-level content depth, makes the study one of the most valuable of its kind in the IT organization field in the DACH region.

What does the future model for the ideal symbiosis of business & IT look like?

We pursued this guiding question and, in addition to the quantitative survey, conducted additional expert interviews with more than 20 business and IT decision-makers from DAX 30 companies, upper-middle-class enterprises, digital units, and academia. These valuable insights are also incorporated into the study.”


From Data to Actions

If you desire a deeper insight and a tailored analysis, dive into our intensive workshop “From Data to Actions.” Here’s what you can expect: Discuss the study results with our experts. Reflection and goal setting: Compare your situation with the results and set clear objectives. Action areas and measures: Prioritize actions for your company’s success. Individual roadmap: Create your customized success strategy. The price for the workshop will be determined upon request.

Thomas Heinvetter

“The merging of business and IT is inevitable and IT organizations must actively address this issue. With this study, we provide orientation and structure and show the direction in which digital and IT decision-makers are heading. Our recommendations for action and best practice approaches as long-standing digital and organizational consultants substantiate the study results. This enables us to distinguish short-term hypes from stable trends”


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Thomas Heinevetter

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